Thailand’s Heroines


Throughout Thai history, Thai women have played an equal role to their Thai male counterpart. There is a saying that Thai woman rocks the cradle with one hand and swings the sword with the other. To uphold the dignity of Thai women, the following better-known heroines are included in the book so that our younger generation will always remember them with pride and gratitude.

The story of Queen Chamadevi is told in the Lanna Chronicles. It is said that she was a royal daughter of the Buddhist ruler of Lop Buri. She was asked to rule the northern Kingdom of Haripunjaya (now Lamphun Province), which was just established by a number of Buddhist holy men from Lop Buri.

Upon being requested, the Princess then arrived in Haripunjaya and established a new dynasty there. The Queen herself was well-known for her great beauty and his inspired the king of a far-away kingdom to ask for her hand. Having been denied his wish, the king was very angry and came to attack the newly established-Buddhist city-state. However, the Queen was not only charming, but she was also a great warrior. She used delaying tactics to defeat the enemy successfully.

During her reign, Queen Chamadevi made a great many contributions to her people particularly law and religion. She ordered the Buddhist scriptures revised and several historic temples built such as Wat Phra That Haripunchai and Wat Maha Wan.

To this day Queen Chamadevi is honoured by the people of Lamphun and the North as the warrior-queen who founded their city and secured the position of Buddhism in the North. Her statue stands in Lamphun Town.


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