Formula Get Rid of Limestone(Gout)


Limestone or uric formation is caused by high purine food such as duck, chicken, goose, other poultry, giblets, strong smell vegetable, top part of vegetable as well as other popular vegetable such as Chinese kale, cabbage, broccoli, cucumber and brown rice. When purine meets with stress in our body, it will change into uric acid floating in our blood stream. As days go by, this will crystallize and become limestone. This limestone will adhere to different organs such as the inside of the ears or retina. Even if this limestone has been removed, it can reappear as the origin of the problem has not been fixed. If this limestone adheres to joints or bones, we will have severe joint or bone pain, causing gout or rheumatoid. In the worst case, if this limestone adheres to important organs such as lungs, liver, kidneys, heart,especially coronary artery and not being fixed in time, dead can be your destiny.

gout-sore-footJob’s Tear Grain Teas

Boil one hand full of Job’s tear grain with 1 liter of water; drink only the liquid like you drink gruel from boil rice. Add more water to the pot if it starts to dry up, do this till the liquid becomes very diluted then throw the millet grain away and start the whole process again. Drink this for 7-15 consecutive days. Do not eat the grain as it will draw all the remedies back into itself.

Thunbergia Laurifolia and Pandan Leaves Teas

Boil 7 leaves of thunbergia and 7 leaves of pandan leaves with one liter of water; drink this instead of water for 10-15 consecutive days till you fell that you are better. (For this recipe, if you want it to be effective the drink has to be boiled with new ingredients every day)


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