Vietnamese restaurant highlights the beauty of bamboo


VTN Architects has been experimenting with bamboo for some time now and with its recently-completed Vedana Restaurant, the firm has produced its most ambitious bamboo-based work to date. The building rises to a height of 18 m (60 ft) and features a complex structure topped by an impressive large roof.

The project is located in Vietnam’s picturesque Cuc Phuong National Park on the country’s Red River Delta and is part of the larger Vedana Resort, also designed by VTN Architects, which includes 135 villas, five rental condos, and eight bungalows, as well as the restaurant.

The restaurant is located in the center of the resort and is generally used for regular dining, but can also be used to host larger events like weddings. It’s defined by a huge circular thatched roof consisting of two stacked rings with a dome on top and an oculus at its center.

Unfortunately we don’t have any finer details on the build process but the firm did say that though it looks like one unified structure, the roof actually comprises 36 modular bamboo frames. The result looks fantastic, both inside and out.

he restaurant is positioned strategically next to an artificial lake that functions as a natural air-conditioner,” explains VTN Architects. “Making use of the lake is essential concerning the hot and humid weather during the summer in Cuc Phuong Commune in particular and northern Vietnam in general. Additionally, the lake is also a huge reservoir to store rainwater and groundwater from the mountains. Subsequently, the lake is utilized for irrigation of all plants on the 16.4 hectares [40 acre] site, including around 15,000 blossom trees as a part of the resort’s long-term plans. Having that in mind, the restaurant is positioned in the middle of that resort’s blossom forest.”

With its ability to be grown quickly and sustainably, bamboo can be an excellent building material in the right hands. Some other outstanding bamboo-based architecture we’ve come across includes the Bamboo Sports Hall for Panyaden International School and Beyond Survival: A Safe Space for Women and Girls.


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