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street-chaos-in-bangkok-thailandLife in a city always busy and human activities go on throughout 24 hours as it never sleeps. It is hectic as people keep on moving from here to there in a hurry all the time.

Early in the morning, hundred of thousands of city dwellers rush out of their homes heading to their working places. A traffic situation gradually turns from bad to worse when the office opening hour comes closer. Students and working people stand in a long line at the bus stop, while the crowdy buses pass by one after another. At peak hours, city streets are full of smoke emitted from the exhausted pipes of various types of vehicles that get stuck on the same spot for several hours and this situation takes place both in the morning and in the evening.

Look through the car windows at parents feeding their children who have to attend their classes just a few minutes ahead. On the passenger bus itself, some passengers sit asleep while those who did not get the seats stand moody and look at their watches from time to time. During the rainy season, traffic frequently becomes paralysed when some roads are flooded and many small vehicles get engine trouble. It is sad to learn that traffic jams in our city is so notorious that they sometimes scare away foreign tourists. Above all, the country loses a huge amount of money annually due to the unresolved traffic problem.

893510_558498210848692_1138901841_oIronically, behind the skycrappers there stand a long line of shabby houses occupied by the so-called “slum dwellers” slum dwellers” who live among civilization. houses occupied by the so-called “slum dwellers” who live among civilization. They experience a tough life in a city where the standard of living is very high. They have to struggle to survive. Some slum children are under nourished while some of them are abandoned by their parents. Thus, there is a saying that city is a heaven of the rich and a hell of the poor as the poor have to work hard just to make ends meet.

Even though a city life is quite tough, people prefer to live in a city as it is a centre of almost everything, may it be educational institutions or business centre and it is a window to the outside world. Opportunities for higher education and better jobs are greater than in the countryside. Every year rural people migrate to the city with the aim of digging gold. Some may be successful while some may fail to get anything and return home with empty hands. It may be right to say that city life may be suitable to one person but may not be suitable to an other. Anyone who wants to seek a fortune in a city should think about this carefully.


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