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roles_computer1Day by day the computer comes to play a greater role in human life. With the emergence of the computer, everything seems to be easier. Due to its superb functions, a computer becomes the best tool to satisfy human needs. Thus, they have been installed almost everywhere from the most sophisticated office in a highrise building to the small shop on a street corner. Since it has become a part and parcel of our daily work, computer courses now are very popular among Thai students who want to get a good job after graduation.

Indeed, a computer helps save time and energy. For example, in the past the production process required a great number of workers to perform repetitive jobs. Now equipped with a computer, a single man is able to control almost the entire production plant. Its functioning has proved to be accurate and excellent. No man on earth can match its superiority as it can be adapted to suit any requirement from a simple job to the most delicate task such as internal medical operation

However, it is feared that due to its increasing role in almost every field, human labour will be eventually replaced by this superb machine. When that time comes, the unemployment rate will inevitably increase. Even our future career is going to be decided by computer skill which is listed as one of the immediate requirements for job applications

Evidently, from now on wards will be the computer age. Human life will be largely occupied by computer. Some day in the future, if this superb machine stops functioning due to any circumstances, we may become hopeless. Having seen the significant role of computer, we must decide whether to become a master of computer or to stay idle and let computer decide our own fate.


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