Chlorella, Spirulina And Wheat Grass.The ways people eat and live nowadays have caused toxic accumulation from food, air, water and cosmetics in the body for longer than a decade resulting in ailments that cause can not be found. If these ailments get worse, they will turn into cyst, tumor or cancer.

Formula : Get rid of toxin from medicines / Chemical substance.
This toxin whether comes from western medicines, additive in food (fragrance, color, flavor) monosodium glutamate, lipsticks, nail polish, shampoo, hair dye will go directly to the liver whether it comes through the mouth, nails or head.

Symptom : When toxin accumulates in the liver, it will cause aches all over the body, frequent sleepiness and fatigue, tiredness, darkening of the edge of the eyes, hair loss and brittle nails.

Three Mushroom and Chinese Chive Dumplings (1) (600x400)Formula : Three mushrooms
Using three kinds of edible mushrooms to make clear soup, spicy soup, sour and spicy soup, or soup with galangal and coconut milk, drink this soup frequently or everyday. Do not fry these mushrooms.

Formula : Get rid of toxin from heavy metals.
The toxin can come from lead, heavy metals, pesticides, exhausted gas from car or factories or even from drinking tap water which has not been filtered.

Symptom : This toxin will not only accumulate in the liver, but in the brain as well causing giddy and inert brain. (Our liver will be under function during hot and humid time of the year such as in rainy seasons. It is good for you to eat boiled rice with green beans to clean this toxin).

Shrimp-and-BeansFormula : Boiled rice with green beans.
Boil a hand full of rice with a handful of green beans (The size of the hand of the one who is going to eat this and this recipe is for one person only) until they become very soft in a clay or fire resistant glass pot. (Do not use metal pots as this food might be contaminated with toxin from the pot.), eat this once a day for 7-15 consecutive days during detoxification. It can be eaten with other foods.

Formula : Get rid of toxin from formalin.
Eating ice from shops, frozen sea food, meat balls, unusually fresh and crispy fruits or vegetables, drinking water from plastic bottles that have been used over and over, eating food that has been put in plastic or melamine containers while the food is still hot such as soy bean milk, working with formalin (nurses who have to work in the morgue or who have to prepare surgical pathology, or working with formaldehyde resin (the substance used to spray rolls of cloth or furniture made from ply wood to protect them from insects) all of these will cause accumulation of formalin toxin inside your body.

il_570xN.546007805_tkguSymptom : Dizziness, black outs, abdominal pain, tumors in different parts of the body especially in large intestines and acid influx which is another cause of cancer.

Formula : red morning glory tea.
Boil three handfuls of Thai or red morning glory (This will work better if the whole plant is used) with one table spoon of brown sugar in a clay pot; eat this for 30 consecutive days. This recipe can also be used to get rid of toxin from nicotine from tobacco, caffeine from coffee, alcohol from liqueur, radiation, chemotherapy and other types of radiation.


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