Supphan Buri Province


article295255193556Supphan Buri is a province which is Located in the central region of Thailand and is about 105 kilometres from Bangkok. It is one of the oldest Thai towns in the kingdom and widely known as the birthplace of Khun Chang-Khum Phaen in the Thai literature.

Suphan Buri has many interesting places to visit especially historical sites, such as Don Chedi, a very famous battle site where King Naresuan the Great (then the Prince) defeated the Burmese Prince,Maha Uparaja, on elephant back in the late 16th century. In fact, the chedi (or pagoda in English) was built during King Naresuan’s lifetime but was abandoned till 1913 when it was rediscovered by Prince Damrong. The pagoda was restored and the area was developed as a national historical site. Every year during the week of January 25, there is a week-long don Chedi Monument Fair which includes a full costume re-enactment of an elephant battle that took place four centuries ago.

travel01A journey to the province will be incomplete without visiting Wat palelai, an old temple which has a strong connection with the Khum Chang-Khun Phaen literature. Here as the story says, only Nang Pim could enter the door of the temple chapel as she had a beautiful slim figure. Nang Pim was beheaded by the king’s order as she could not decide which man she wanted to spend the life with, Khum Chang or Khum Phaen. The King did not want her to be a bad example for the new generation. People condemed her and called her a woman who had two hearts or “Wan Thong Song Jai” in Thai. In the chapel’s compound, the moulded figures of these three people can be seen and even some roads in the city itself are named after them e.g. Nang Pim road.

The visitors are also recommended to visit the bird sanctuary of Aunt Nok and Uncle Chom Bird Park where a large number of the open-bill storks (the number in 1991 was about 12,871) take shelter, and another place not to be missed is Wat Phra Non Fish Palace where a great number of striped catfish take shelter in the The Chin River exactly in front of the temple. Here everybody is prohibited from doing any harm to the tame fish which are usually fed with bread and other fish food sold in the temple compound. Visitors, particularly children, get excited when a large school of fish swims close to them and even takes food from their hands.

A journey to the province itself is very enjoyable and pleasant due to the convenient roads and the beautiful scenery of the paddy fields either side of the road.


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