Formula Get Rid of Toxin in Capillaries


After a period of time our capillaries will become narrow as a result from fat, sweet and other toxic food. These will accumulate to form toxic junk in our body. As a consequence, our blood will not flow properly; limbs become numb and muscles weaken. Thus it is good to clean the capillaries from time to time.

Pandan_(screwpine)_leavesBlack Sugar Cane and Pandan Leaves Teas

Take piece of black sugar cane (or bitter sugar cane) with the length of 7 joints in it and chop, then put it in a pot, add water till the sugar submerge, add 3 pandan leaves (do not add any sugar) boil them till boiling point for a while, this drink can be drunk cold or warm. Keep drinking this until you feel relief. This drink will prevent you from stroke and paralysis problems.


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