Formula Get Rid of Kidney Stone Gall Bladder


The symptom for those with these problems will start with back pain and lumbar pain, with in a short period of time back pain and lumbar pain, with in a short period of time before we realize, we are found with stone in the kidney. At first there will be high cholesterol, to protect yourself from being fat, you eat only fresh fruit later on you learn that this causes the enlarging of the heart causes one to feel tired easily and then there are stones in the kidney which is caused by the reaction between potassium and fat in the blood. If you do not want to undergo the operation to remove it, then here are some recipes to get rid of the stone in your kidney.

fsf11Young Coconut Juice with Alum

This recipe does not suggest you to mix alum with young coconut juice. What you have to do is to clean a small piece of alum then swing this 2 or 3 times in the juice. (Do not leave it in the juice for a long time as it can cause strange taste to the juice.) Drink this juice consecutively for 7-10 days. (This recipe can also be used to get rid of stone in the gall bladder.)

Pineapple Core

Eating fresh pineapple core or boiled core for 5-10 consecutive days, will help one get rid of kidney stone. (Eating Pineapple core often will increase zinc so it is the way to cure fatigue or tiredness.)

Clear Distilled Liqueur and Lime Juice

Mix 2 table spoons of pure distilled liqueur or vodka with juice from one lime, drink this before bed time every night for 10 consecutive days, the stone will be gone without the operation.


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