What is SAP and ERP?


What is SAP and ERP?

SAP stands for “Systems,Applications, and Product in data processing“. which was originally translated from German language “Systems, Anwendungen, Produkte in der Datenverarbeitung”. SAP is an infromation system in integrating the information of Enterprise Resource such as the information about sales, material purchasing, inventory, human resources, production and etc. SAP is the brand name and also the name of company itself.

ERP stands for “Enterprise Resource Planning“. It is the concept of integrating Enterprise Resource information in order to plan and execute the actions effectively. SAP’s history began in Weinheim, Germany, in the early 1970 by five former IBM programmers. In the early stages, they programmed at their customers’ data center because they did not have their own system yet. The Real time Financial system was the first product of SAP that supported financial business process. SAP has developed its system continuously and its latest system is called “SAP“,which was later replaced with “mySAP ERP“,then “SAP ERP“.

Finally Decided To Learn SAP-ERP @ Industrial Skills Enhancement Programme 3SAP software has the following important features.

  • Intergration
  • Realtime
  • Single database

With these features, the advantages of using SAP software can be as follows.

  • Increase the work efficiency.
  • Easy to make appropriate plans due to reliable data.
  • Easy to check the data correctness.

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